Monthly Archives: August 2016

One cozy night in Bangalore

Today we spent a night in the town similar to one back home in Mumbai. With my better half claiming to run the kitchen today, we had sambhar, rice, leftover avial and podavalangai thokku.Tonight was a special night, we also went to a concert. A beautiful concert at Brigade Millenium organized by Bhoomija Trust hosting the smiling Bombay Jayshree and dexterous Jayanthi Kumaresh. To say the least, I was mesmerized and kicking myself for not knowing ragams. To learn and understand music is definitely on the bucket list.

Dinner was at a Falafels at a food truck in JP Nagar which was not bad at all! Here’s hoping to more such nights in #whenhusbandscookBangalore!


Home and help

Moving houses and setting up our own house has been a welcome challenge. We finally found house help to help with some work around the house. Meanwhile trying to work out what food item goes with what. The realization dawned once I got kitchen duty that most of the time I am tearing my hair out to figure out what food pairing works.

This is what I made yesterday! Adai which was a quick fix of old dosa batter with some split skinned moong daal paired with avial and sarkarai pongal!

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Moving and hoping

I have moved like a lot of us due to academics, job and now due to family. Mumbehn is now in Bangalore. However the love for Mumbai still holds strong. Hope is to grow and move on to better roles professionally and personally. The agenda of the blog will be the same revolving around my days in Bangalore.